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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 8, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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the giants are going to the national league championship series. >> the giants get it done. san francisco defeats the washington nationals tonight in front of a hometown crowd. they now move on. one step closer to the world series. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates. cornell bernard is live outside at&t park where fans just went wild. hi, cornell. >> hi, ama. the giants have done it again. they are national league champs after beating thes 3-2. most fans have left at&t park after hoping to get a glimpse from the favorite players. truly an evening they will not forg>> g >> giants fans rocked at&t pa park clinching the division series. the party spilled out on to
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willie mays plaza and the fans went crazy. >> it is awesome! i had so much fun. >> giants fans made it clear they had no time for game five. fans started waiving the orange rally rags early in the game generating good luck. the team broke a 2-2 tie in the seventh inning. the crowd went wild. they took the credit. >> it is bringing great luck. the vibe is great. how can you complain? i think it is the suit. >> it is a rally suit. >> it is a rally suit. >> bring on the cards. 3 what can you say? been there before. been and do it again. >> fans knew their team would come through. they were right. >> romo held it through.
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back live where fans are still hanging out here at at&t park. the giants advance to their third series in five years. they play the cardinals on saturday. live at at&t park. go giants. cornell bernard, abc news. >> you can still hear the fans screaming in the background. even birds are giants fans. tillie helps raise thousands of dollars for local charities. you can e-mail your giant fan photo at you report at or tweet us. the giants head to st. louis to face the cardinals. game one is saturday. first pitch at 5:07 p.m. and game two in st. louis. for game three the giants head back to san francisco. and breaking news just blocks from the game. police are on the scene of a fatal officer involved shooting. it happened at second and bryant street at about 9:00. two people have been shot and one fatally. they appear to be car burglars
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who confronted police. the streets are closed in that area. tonight the pilot of a cal fire air tanker that crashed today has been found dead. the crew had to reach the rough terrain late this evening. he took this photo of the tanker ity after it slammed into a cliff earlier today. it happened just a hundred feet from his home. >> i went out and saw the black column. the color of the smoke changed. there was black smoke and the plume. >> there was one pilot on that plane. the tanker was being used to fight a-acre wildfire threatening 60 homes in the community. the homes have been evacuated. they also shutdown highway 140at at yosemite's entrance. abc7 news lisa amin gulezian has more about the pilot and the tanker that crashed.
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lisa? >> dan, the air tanker left this base at 3:14 p.m. you can see the plane number is parked on the tarmac. it would have flown out if there were a need for two tankers. a public information officer just confirmed that the pilot was a veteran pilot who lived in the bay area. this is video of tanker 81 taken a few years ago. all of the pilots who fly for cal fire are actually contract pilots who work for dine corp international. they are a private military contractor based out of virginia. >> it is a huge loss. to our federal government and the military. they all train together. it is not just like cal fire lost a family member. the entire area of
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firefighting fleet lost an important person today. >> the pilot had a fire background and i am told all of cal fire's 23 air tankers will be grounded for inspection at least until wednesday. the last time there was an insurance department like this was in 2001 when two air tankers collided in men do seen no county. no one survived that crash either. back now live and officials are still trying to notify the pilot's next of kin. he leaves behind a wife and children. live in hollister, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you, lisa. and many people in the area saw the air tanker go down. sara from our sister station is live in mira costa county with the latest. sara? >> ama, a lot of the people we have spoken with today say they are used to fires in the area, but they have never seen anything like today's crash. if you look behind me, you can still see the fire burning at the top of the ridge.
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all air tankers have now been grounded because of night flying restrictions. as you mentioned an hour ago we learned the pilot of the cal fire s2t tanker was killed while trying to battle the blaze. orange flames continued to burn into the night hours inside the entrance of yosemite national park where the highway was closed. hours earlier in the daylight, a much more terrifying scene unfolded in front of several witnesses as a cal fire air tanker crashed into the hillside killing the pilot. >> we watched the whole thing. we saw sparked -- sparks down the whole mountain side. and then you watch all of the parts of the plane roll off the mountain andhighway.he highway. >> reporter: kyle miller works at a nearby pizza restaurant. he took several photos it sent dark smoke into the sky. >> you can see in the picture where the plane actually hit. you can see where parts of the
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plane fell through and there is white smoke going down the mountain side. >> peter smith took several photos of the aftermath. he was visiting and watched the helicopter crews try to put out the flames when it went down. >> it started rolling andped asn and exploded. >> he says his thoughts inconstantly went to the pilot. >> i feel sorry for the people flying the plane. >> cal fire has secured the crash site and will be cooperating with the national transportation safety board on the investigation. >> as for the fire itself. as for the fire itself there is no word on the cause for containment. abc7 news. >> thank you, sara. and we will have continuing coverage of the yosemite fire on air and on-line. our breaking news reporting continues on twitter at abc7 news bay area. look at the size of this
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big cat. this mountain lion is doing a little car inspection at a home in san jose. itit is taken on echo drive in the wee hours of the morning. w. can't imagine that in my driveway. topretty scary which is why i n this hill to make sure the cougar will not come back. it looks like he was imitating that old commercial about the chrysler cougar car. remember that one? he was on top of a toyota camry. just this morning he was standing right on top of this car, and he is probably somewhere still around here after the motion detector alarm went off he reviewed the video and sawn lion standing on his car. >> people walk around here at nighttime and walking with the dogs up here. it is dangerous for people if
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they don't know. >> it happened on echo ridge drive. we had mr. tang who is 5 feet 6 inches stand next to his ry using the exact same surveillance camera to give you an idea of the size. >> i am pretty stunned. that's a big cat. >> they believe the cat came out of quicksilver park which has open space and trails nearby. >> is it common to see mountain lions here? >> not at all. >> coyotes, turkeys, deer. >> lots of deer. >> an average adult mountain lion weighs about 160 pounds. a mountain lion expert says this one is about 70 or 80 pounds. it is probably less than two years old and trying to establish its territory. there is no shortage of deer and small game in the neighborhood, so the residents here will likely see it again. in san jose, alan wang, abc7 news. we now know the names of the two men arrested for
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shoplifting and opening fire in a san leandro wal-mart. oscar cruz and his 18-year-old roommate edward are charminged with felony possession of a firearm. cruz is charged with attempted murder and armed robbery. surveillance video shows the two men stealing items from the wal-mart. loss prevention officers approached them outside and escorted them back into the store when crews opened fire. no one was hit. police arrived and arrested the two men. park at your own risk. the manzanita park and ride lot off the 101 flooded this morning causing serious damage to cars. the lot occasionally floods during high tides and heavy rains. you can expect more of the same tomorrow morning. the high tide will be even higher than it was today. a heartwarming medical milestone. up next, why this woman is celebrating a surgery that took plrce right here in the bay area 30 years ago.
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>> daycare drugs. how more than of bags of heroin ended up in the hands of 4-year-olds. >> and there is a new star player in the nba. a dream come true for a young boy battling cancer. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sand yaw patel. sandhya patel. our natural ac kicked in. how long the cool down
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white powder. none of the children was injured. the mother told police a family pet ruined her daughter's backpack so she took a replacement backpack instead. tomorrow medical medical milestone for pediatric heart transplants. the youngest, successful heart transplant recipient has become america's longest living with the same transplanted heart for 30 years now. >> it is a pretty cool milestone. >> lizzie lives in redwood cityried, likshe is married, lin and is the only heart transplant recipient in the country, possibly the world, to survive with the same donated heart she received as a toddler. >> back when i had the transplant, the transplant recipients were supposed to survive five, ten years. hitting 30 years on the same heart is a big deal. >> lizzie got that heart a few months shy of her third birthday. doctors at the lucille packard children's hospital knew her heart was failing and transplantation was her only
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option. that was in 1984. the first year children 5 years old or younger t heart transplants. cardiologists didn't even know if ad heart transplanted heartd grow. >> there are a lot of unknowns. many people thought we would have to replace the heart every few years because it wouldn't grow larger. >> lizzy received the heart of a young car crash victim from utah. victims say she has been the model patient ever since, taking medication daily and staying physically active. she loves to run and completed san jose's rock and roll half marathon on sunday. >> that's fantastic. lizzie has no special plans for tomorrow's an -- anniversary other than raising money for donate life california. we included a link at >> we have another heartwarming story and a definite slam dunk from one the jazz signed jp gibson to a one-day contract.
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he was diagnosed with leukemia when he was two years old. look at off his jersey d warmed up after signing his contract and there you saw him dunking. they hosted him as part of the anything can be project. it helps families with -- affected with cancer. thet's take a look at the forecast. a little cooler out there. >> hi, sandhya. >> hi, dan and ama. it was cooler today by five to 10 degrees. you know what is happening tomorrow morning. we have a total lunar eclipse. it helped to knock the temperatures down. viewing for be along the so the best viewing for the total eclipse that begins at 3:25 tomorrow morning and actually the totaly clipts -- eclipse ends at 4:24 will be away from the coast and away from the fog. you wantk to the west and it should be quite a sight here. as we look at live doppler 7hd you will see the fog is
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definitely hugging the coastline carefully here. inland areas are clear high clouds came through and it made for an amazing sunset from our east by hills camera. we are expecting a few more high clouds until the morning hours. and then we should be dealing with sunshine for most of you tomorrow afternoon except near the coast. emeryville camera showing a thin layer of fog. right now it is 60 in san jose. it is 64 in morgan hill. here is a review. this is a preview of your morning commute. look at the fog as you look at your financial district. mid50s santa rosa and petaluma. 67 in livermore. sfo and there could be delays as we head toward tomorrow. crisp morning with fog. cooling trend continues through thursday and we are looking at a warmer pattern this weekend. here is a satellite picture. that moisture is still feeding into the northern baja peninsula, arizona expecting
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to continue to see the potential for flooding. high pressure for us is weakening which is why the temperatures fell. and the storm track is going to stay to the north of us. we are knot -- we are not expecting rain. beyond that we could be tracking something. fog tomorrow morning. watch out at the coast and around the bay. and make sure you grab a coat or jacket. look at these temperatures. upper 40s in the coolest north bay valleys. most other areas in the 50s. then by the afternoon we will still go with warm readings. low 90s fairfield, antioch, livermore and it will be cooler than today. 72 oakland and 73 santa rosa and 76 in san francisco. 80 san jose and 78 in santa cruz. fleet week festivities take place on thursday and run through the weekend. temperatures are looking quite comfortable. upper 60s to low 70s after the morning lows in the mid50s if you will check out the blue angels. it is going to be clear. the fog will be long gone and
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the accu-weather seven-day forecast, we will show you the cool down continues through thursday. temperatures rebobbed -- rebound in a big way. the autumn warmth. what we expect, ama and dan coming up. >> time to get to sports. giants fans still celebrating. >> it wasn't pretty, but it was effective. >> the party is on for the san francisco giants. >> they polished off the nationals and to the championship series. sports is next.
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it is yet another orange october for the giants. they finish off the nationals in game four of the nl division series. they are doing it in typical agonizing fashion. a sea of orange. these people were fired up. giants up 2-1 in the 6th. the defensive play of the night. drive to right and they are up against the fence. leaps and makes the catch. he breaks his back on the play and makes it. 5 and two-thirds and left to a standing ovation. bruce bochy goes for the rookie. bryce harper got the best of him. this ball may have been picked up onrush sheen radar. towering blast and a 2-2 game. the giants had the bases loaded. joe panic races home. giants are back in front. on to the 9th we go. he grounds out on the giants. 3-2 and they take the series three games to one.
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on to st. louis for the national league championship series. drenched in champagne i presume, shu? >> i think the story had to be ryan vogel -- ryan vogel song. he is a big name pitcher. >> i love the atmosphere. i love the playoffs. this is what you play your whole life for the fans were into it tonight like they always are. it makes -- it takes the game to another level. >> i could be proud. their will is so strong and their desire is so deep. they found a way to get it done. >> the true story is the pitching. the pitching and the defense, that's the foundation of this club. this whole series for us was our pitching and defense. >> the feeling never gets old, does it? >> you can't beat this.
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this wild card thing is not bad. you can have two celebrations. >> they are hoping for another one. innlcs starts on saturday. 5:07 first pitch. cardinals have been to five straight so it will be tough for the giants. abc7 sports. >> rematch of the 2012nlcs. the cardinals did their part. they finished off the dodgers. that is coming up next.
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and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46. west and clayton kershaw may win the mvp and cy young, but they will be watching the rest of the post season. dodgers and cardinals lead 2-0 in the seventh. matt adams turns on this curve ball. a three-run homer and that
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proves to be the difference in the game. just like the giants, st. louis wins it 3-2 and they take the series three games to one. we are set for giants and cardinals on saturday. >> good stuff. thanks, larry very much. ♪ oh no, we have a dress code here, and it's not see through. next! whoa, this is a lunchbox, not a halloween bag. so sorry - this lunchbox is already at capacity. rrrrr...a natural beauty. you're making me melt. shall we? mini babybel is 100% natural cheese. a good source of protein and calcium, and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
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wake up weather. it is that time of year when you need to bundle up. temperatures will start off on the cool side. upper 40s to upper 50s. foggy around the coast and bay. temperatures in the low 50s iko niko is here. dan and ama? >> thank you, sandhya. >> we appreciate your time. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices. our next newscast is 4:30 tomorrow. >>
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